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The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a process and a journey, which leads adults into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ within the Catholic Church. People who can choose to make this journey include those who may be unbaptized, those baptized in other faith traditions, and baptized Catholics who wish to receive additional sacraments. We welcome those interested in becoming members of the Catholic Church, as well as those Catholics who have been away from the practice of their faith and are considering a return to active participation.

The RCIA is modeled after the Catechumenate of the early Church when adults who sought entry into the Church went through various periods of growth and formation. Our Catechumens and candidates meet regularly for prayer, faith sharing and study of Catholic beliefs. A person may continue to participate in these sessions as long as he or she wishes. Through Sacred Rites, which are held at successive intervals, the Inquirer is introduced into the life of faith, liturgy and love, and when ready, receives the Sacraments of initiation (usually at the Easter Vigil). 

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