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Safeguard the Children

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Responsible for providing educational programs to alert parish volunteers in recognizing child sexual abuse and it's prevention. We are committed to the Archdiocesan policy of “Safeguarding the Children” and restoring trust in the Church. 

VIRTUS® Training Classes at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish

All employees and volunteers that work with or around children MUST attend VIRTUS® Training. The VIRTUS® training must be updated every 4 years.  However, instead of the 3-hour 'Protecting God's Children' program, Re-certification can be accomplished by completing the 1.5 hour 'Keeping the Promise Alive' program. Re-certification must be accomplished within 30 days of training expiration. Beyond 30 days of expiration, individuals MUST re-accomplish the 3-hour "Protecting God's Children" training program.

We request that all of those who attend training:  xkixhssu3ved3ranh92hvacpbul.png

  • be on time
  • be respectful
  • do not use cell phones during the training
  • participate

Click HERE to view upcoming training schedule. 

Select 'Los Angeles - Santa Barbara Region (Archdiocese) from the drop-down menu. 


Schedules: For anyone completing VIRTUS® Training.  

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