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Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick

Contact: Dn. Mike Burns (805) 642-7966 ext. 145 or [email protected]

Bringing Communion to the sick, homebound, and hospitalized.

Ministry to the Sick and Homebound/Shut-In is a ministry founded in the Church’s rich tradition of  pastoral care.  The possibility and purpose of this ministry is precisely because “it is proper that those who are prevented from being present at the community’s celebration should be refreshed with the eucharist.  In this way they may realize that they are united not only with the Lord’s sacrifice but also with the community itself and are supported by the love of their brothers and sisters” (Holy Communion Outside Mass, General Introduction #14).

It is a mean to extend the healing hand of Christ by way of reach out to those who are unable to participate in the life of the Church, particularly the Eucharist/Mass for the reason of hospitalization, suffering from the effects of illness, disability or the aging process.  Our Mission is to identify and reach out to the sick and homebound/shut-in of our Parish, to visit them daily (to those in hospital) and weekly (to those in nursing / convalescent / hospice or private homes), to pray with them and to bring the Eucharist to them, and at the same time, to foster a connection between them and the worshiping community, to bring them a copy of the Parish Bulletin.

Therefore, those who are receiving communion outside Mass should be reminded that when receiving communion outside Mass “they are closely united with the sacrifice that perpetuates the sacrifice of the cross.  They are sharers in the sacred banquet in which ‘through the communion of the body and blood of the Lord, the people of God share the benefits of the paschal sacrifice, renew the new covenant with us made once and for all by God in Christ’s blood, and in faith and hope foreshadow and anticipate the eschatological banquet in the Father’s kingdom, as they proclaim the death of the Lord, until he comes’” (Holy Communion Outside Mass, General Introduction #15).
 The Ministers to the Sick & Homebound are those who are called to unite those unable to attend with the faith community that gathered in way of serving as Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers to bring the Blessed Sacrament – the Body of our Lord Christ Jesus and the live of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish to our sick & homebound brothers and sisters.

Homebound / Shut-in is the person who is being confined to his/her home or institution due to his or her illness and infirmity or disability.  Therefore that person is unable to be with the community at her communal thanksgiving celebration at the Church.

This is a wonderful ministry to Catholics whose health prevents them from coming to Church.  As a spiritual companion, you as Extraordinary Minister of Communion visit and pray with them, and most importantly, bring the Eucharist to them.  In doing so, you also bring to the sick and homebound the presence of the faith community of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish.  Training is provided as needed.

We are working to improve our outreach to homebound parishioners who wish to receive the Eucharist.  Dn. Mike Burns is coordinating the effort to assess our needs and to correct and update our records.

VCMC Hospital:  Contact (805) 642-7966, ext. 195 or [email protected]