Tender Life Maternity & Transition Homes

Tender Life Maternity provides hands-on support to moms & their children as they put their lives back together in a healthy environment. Volunteers are needed to cook meals, and provide transportation.

Meals: We are looking for anyone who can provide an evening meal for the moms who live at the Tender Life Center.  This service is a huge help, as they are always busy in the evenings with classes, meetings, etc. These shared meals give the moms a sense of family time as well as a break from making dinner and cleaning up before they have to get to their evening activities. Anyone interested in signing up for a meal can call the Tender Life Office.

Transportation: We are in need of drivers who can assist mothers/residents in getting to appointments and classes as needed.  Please contact the Tender Life Office for more information.

Contact: Tender Life Office: Karen Johnson (805) 653-7474.